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Mach context switch


 I try to port a Mach microkernel on arm9 architecture. and i have a
 one problem - i dont understand  a process of context switch in this
 kernel. in 2 place - when context switch  acquire from thread_sleep,
 and next, when binary part of module loaded and this thread/task
 should workl.

 1. when thread_call in bootstrap.c called, context switch acquire. and
 im looked on x86 sources, and dont see when CPU should switch in
 different mode for correct context switching. any help?

 2. i made small chit, and call user_bootstrap from load_context and
 send global thread and task information, but after loading binary part
 of module (exec_load) and then build_args_and_stack (), i still have
 in thread_stack PC point on swap_function. how module should proper
 load, and how and thread information change to point on this executive

 Thanks a lot.

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