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Re: Parallel Port access...

Robert Millan writes:
 > In theory you can use a parallel port portably,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Oh yes, I intend to do more. But first I need to get around to installing
a test box of my own with Debian kfreebsd-i386 and hurd-i386.

My search turned up a post of yours from 2003:
any chance that has made it into the Debian hurd kernel of today?

It's the hurd port that has me more worried. I found
"man ppi" for bsd, and http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-hurd@gnu.org/msg06309.html
so I can see a way to get that working.

I notice too that sane-backends FSBFS on hurd:
although the error doesn't seem related to parallel port access.

Is it likely that the hurd API would mimic the Linux ppdev.h
ioctls, or mimic the BSD ppbus/ppi.h ones, ... or does the hurd
have a completely different set?

I still have to make a leap of faith and write some code
that will build. I'm open to suggestions has to what
C pre-processor #defines I should be using to determine
what to do.
Maybe I will just rely on dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_ARCH_OS
in the debian/rules to handle things.


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