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[debian-hurd - general] [Tâche #272] Implement pkill and killall utilities

Task #272 has been updated. 

Project: Debian GNU/Hurd port
Subproject: general
Summary: Implement pkill and killall utilities
Complete: 0%
Status: Open

Description: Some Debian packages use pkill and killall in their maintainer scripts.  We have kill so far, the other two should get implemented as well.


Date: 21/11/2009 19:22
By: sthibault

procps' pkill/killall do work through /proc, but a native
implementation would be better.

Date: 03/09/2008 18:06
By: mbanck

Now that a procfs translator is available, this task is lower priority.  However, it would still be nice to have them.

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