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[debian-hurd - porting] [Tâche #177] [HurdFR] Port bazaar

Task #177 has been updated. 

Project: Debian GNU/Hurd port
Subproject: porting
Summary: [HurdFR] Port bazaar
Complete: 75%
Status: Closed

Description: Bazaar needs to be ported to use Jérôme Marant's shell script (which builds Emacs-CVS packages). It has a few MAXHOSTNAMELEN here and there.

It build-depends on libgpgme11, which builds cleanly (we just need a binary upload to the repo).


Date: 09/06/2005 14:38
By: glibersat-guest

It builds and runs ok (I've managed to run jerôme marrant's script perfectly). Just have to wait for a clean version of libgpgme :-).

Date: 08/06/2005 17:34
By: glibersat-guest

libgpgme11 does build but has problems.
We need to fix it before.
The problem is that it compiles two versions of the lib : one linked with pthread and another without.
On hurd, the one not linked with pthread has undefined references to pthread functions (as it uses weak symbols).
And bazaar needs the version not linked with pthread of course...

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