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Re: Bug#551094: FTBFS aegis

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 09:10:19AM +0100, Walter Franzini wrote:
> The remaining problem is similar, see below, so I expect to identify
> where the code needs to be fixed soon (for a reasonable definition of
> soon).
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> aelock: fcntl("/tmp/28008/lib/lockfile", F_GETLK, &{type = F_WRLCK, whence =
> 	SEEK_SET, start = 0, len = 458752, pid = 0}): Function not implemented
> aelock: command "aelock" exit status 1
> FAILED test of the aelock functionality (develop begin 152)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

I believe this is real record locking (len >= 1), so something which is
not implemented yet for the Hurd.  If len 458752 is the whole file, it
could be emulated as a file-wide lock, but as it is called above, glibc
will return function not implemented.



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