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Hurd L1 iso's. Progress log.

The core change in the boot-disks is the modification of dbootstrap.  This 
is a binary which has had a binary hack.  The hacked version is at 
www.copyleft.co.nz/dbootstrap.  If it is loaded into a text editor (mc is 
a good choice) and a serch is made for -o hurd you will see the added 
arguments -I 128 -b 4096; text and 0s had to be removed to keep the file 
the same length.  dboostrap lives in the ram-disk's /sbin.  Other textual 
changes we made.  dbootstrap was replaced in all variants of initrd.

Apt-get will not download packages to the cache using a file system, it 
must be ftp/html.  As I maintain a Hurd archive a small server was 
installed, webfs.  This can be configured with three arguments on the 
command line.  The sources.lst is
deb http://192.168.x.y/path/to/debian/sid main
Works well, baseGNU can be built in 40 seconds.  It can be accessed 
thoughout the LAN.

makehurddir.sh was modified to bypass crosshurd and a test to see if /gnu 
(the partition I use) is available.   mods/mod.sh makes the modifications, 
eg Bruno's passwd hack.  tarup.sh prepares baseGNU and moves it into place 
in the disk tree ready for burning.  A diff of makehurddir.sh is 

Any questions?


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