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Re: L1 mini iso


Philip Charles, le Mon 28 Sep 2009 10:37:48 +1300, a écrit :
> Almost complete.


> Login problem. Bruno Minotti's /usr/share/base-passwd/passwd.master
> works.  This can be implemented during the build process.  This should be 
> seen as a temporary measure.

Someone needs to check why it's not pulled by crosshurd.

> MAKEDEV problem. change header to #!/bin/bash  This needed to be edited 
> after the installation.

I've just commited the fix in the hurd debian package.

> libdb4.7 in archive.

Yes, and libdb4.5 and python2.5 following. Debian people have broken
unstable quite well.

> netbase configuration awaiting resolution.

Should "just" be a matter of fixing the init.d headers.  Anybody?


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