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Re: any objections from port maintainers to make gcc-4.4 the default?

On 20.09.2009 22:20, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Matthias Klose, le Sun 20 Sep 2009 19:58:22 +0200, a écrit :
I'm not sure about Java, which show some regressions compared to 4.3. Otoh
it's not amymore the default java compiler for all architectures except

I haven't explicitely tested but I don't know any issue with gcj-4.4 on
hurd-i386, what should I test for instance?

A comparision of testsuite results (4.3/4.4) would be good. I don't see build logs posted. Then try to build packages natively (ecj, gjdoc), install the corresponding -gcj packages und make sure that the natively compiled code is picked up at runtime and things still work. finally we should enable building -gcj packages by default on hurd.


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