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Re: Hurd CDs


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 05:10:24PM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:
> I have taken some preliminary steps in developing a new method of 
> producing Debian GNU/HURD installation discs.
> Before I make a major time commitment, I would like to be certain that 
> installation discs have a resonable value to the Hurd project.

They certainly have.
> This new aproach should lead to a native Hurd installer in time.
> This time I am keeping a development log.  Meaning that people will be 
> able to follow and improve on what I am doing.  This was a major omission 
> in the previous scheme - I had forgotten what I had done and how I did it.
> It will still be possible to produce CDs in the meantime, probably using 
> linux kernel 2.6.x.
> Feedback please.

After reading your description, I am not sure this is the best approach.
Ultimately, we should look at getting debian-installer ported to
GNU/Hurd.  If you can make what you describe happen without a lot of
effort, that would be great of course.  But putting a lot of effort into
something which does not lead towards debian-installer is not something
I personally consider worthwhile.

Unfortunately, it looks like nobody currently has the time or motivation
to look into d-i, maybe identifying the major issues would be a good
first step as well.  Also note that d-i got ported to Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD recently (no public release of that yet, I think), so
porting to the Hurd might be easier now.


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