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Re: zsh-beta

Samuel Thibault wrote:
Barry deFreese, le Wed 27 May 2009 23:09:29 -0400, a écrit :
This block of code in Src/cond.c seems to be the initial issue with zsh-beta:

Yes it is.

     #if defined(GET_ST_MTIME_NSEC) && defined(GET_ST_ATIME_NSEC)
             if (!(st = getstat(left)))
                 return 1;
             return (st->st_atime == st->st_mtime) ?
                     GET_ST_ATIME_NSEC(*st) > GET_ST_MTIME_NSEC(*st) :
                     st->st_atime > st->st_mtime;
             return !((st = getstat(left)) && st->st_atime <= st->st_mtime);

The GET_ST_* macros use the st_atim field, which we do provide (as we
should and as Linux does) when __USE_MISC gets defined by <features.h>.
IIRC the configure script of zsh properly sets some _BSD_SOURCE to get
it but apparently it is not propagated up to here, that's what should be



Neither __USE_MISC nor _BSD_SOURCE are used. _XOPEN_SOURCE is there but only in a minute case and I"m not sure what _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED does but it's only defined for the BSDs and AIX. _GNU_SOURCE is defined but I don't think that brings in __USE_MISC, right?



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