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oss-libsalsa package


libasound-dev/libasound2-dev build-deps are painful. Fortunately, OSS
(opensound.com) provides libsalsa, a compatibility layer between OSS
and ALSA: it is ABI-compatible with libasound (actually using alsa's
headers), and just makes OSS ioctls.  I've prepared a package that
builds it, and it seems to make sense to use it:


As you can see in the control file, the idea would be to have
libsalsa-dev provide libasound2-dev/libasound-dev, built only on
archs that do not have the latter, to make sure buildds & co don't
accidentally take it. libsalsa-asound2 just provides a libasound.so.2
symlink to libsalsa.so and can thus provide libasound2.

That should permit to avoid having to fix all packages' build-deps. That
said, the solution is far from perfect, OSS says that libsalsa is mostly
meant for applications that only uses the alsa interface, and so they
didn't put much efforts into the support, so we'd probably see a bunch
of packages fail with undefined references.  We could then start working
on them and see with OSS for upstream integration of course.

If people think it's a good idea, maybe we can setup some VCS somewhere
to work on it? (where/in which Alioth project?)


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