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bad magic number

Hi everybody,

first thanks to Michael for explaning the Hurd and mach console
differences: I made really confusion!

I've made the "experiment" with most partitions and debian GNU/Hurd: also
with high partition-index (hda12, logical) I had no problem to install the
system. I then tried with 2 Gb Partition around the 128 Gb and like said
Olaf, I had exactly the "bad magic number" error with a partition up to 128

For the freeze with "shift" on the mach console (also with a pc105
keyboard, USB), at the moment I didn't found a solution, but I also didn't
made some essays. With the Hurd console (effectively with loaded "tty") I
can write anything: the system is like allready in freeze. I'll make other
trials and ev. send the solution on the list.


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