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Re: Panic: bad magic number


On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 12:21:56PM +0200, Bruno Minotti wrote:

>> Most likely it doesn't like large disks (probably >128 GiB)

> at the moment it works on a ca. 12Gb primary partition in a 300Gb Disk
> (I'm sorry, I said 320 Gb in older mail). I should get a 20Gb hd in
> the  next time and I'd like to make some essays with partitions size
> and  type. But yet I don't know if this make sense; if you say that
> the  problem could be for disks >128Gb, could I say that until 128 Gb
> on  every disk you can install the Hurd on every partition?

Yes, most probably.


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