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Four Very Popular Articles on New Trends & Current Meltdown

I trust this email finds you in great health...

Here are four very popular articles that I thought I should share with you as
they reflect on the current meltdown and what brand new opportunities it is 
also creating around the world and particularly for the Middle East and KSA

The current global crisis is now desperately seeking for new expressions, new 
ideas and innovations and now organizations must create their own new distinct 
voice with powerful identity to come forward as new leaders....here are some 
bold suggestions

A Worldwide Corporate Metamorphosis
The Nine New Mega Shifts & Opportunities 
The Global Meltdown Creates New Global Champions
The Positive "R" Words

I trust your plans in your arena are playing out well for you but still what 
do you think are your biggest expansion challenges for 2009 and beyond?

If you or your team members want to explore some new and exciting ideas let us 
know and I will happy to share some latest strategies 

Should I keep you on my list to send you some more articles next month? Just 
let me know


Kristal Wallis
Corporate Relations

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Toronto - New York 


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