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Re: The Links/Links2/ELinks browsers are unusable on Debian GNU/Hurd

Fabienne Ducroquet <fabiduc@gmail.com> writes:

> Kalle's workaround[0] for this bug works for Links too, I put the diff 
> for Links 2.2 at the end of this e-mail in case you want to include it 
> in your package (if Kalle agrees).

I have not tested Links in GNU/Hurd, but if you think my patch
would help Links too, please go ahead and use it.  The current
licence of Links (GPLv2 or later, with OpenSSL exception) is OK.

I just added a comment about the ELinks workaround to
<http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?22861> and I suggest you do
the same if you alter Links.  As a reminder to revert such
workarounds when they are no longer necessary.

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