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Re: openssh

Michael Banck wrote:
On Sat, Nov 01, 2008 at 01:54:29AM +1100, Russell Shaw wrote:
Michael Banck wrote:
To use /dev/random, after you've installed random-egd.  Probably
difficult to try again now when you have copied over some file to it.
I saw that there was no /dev/random after i'd installed random-egd,
so i thought that trying to access anything by that name was non-sensical.

OK, weird.  If I install random-egd, I get a /dev/random and
/dev/urandom despite the error messages.

No idea what went wrong then.

I've done ssh-keygen as root and as user russell.

I can ssh into the hurd box as root ok, but as russell, ssh freezes.

The same thing happens if i ssh into the hurd box as "russell", from
my own account on that same box too, but doing it as root works ok on it.

The permissions on the .ssh and contents seems ok.

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