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Rewriting the installation instructions


I think it's time to for a major overhaul of the existing installation
instructions.  The reason is, I believe, a fragementation of methods
used to install Debian GNU/Hurd.

To that end, I propose to partition the instructions in five independent

1. Preparation of the host system

2. Installation of the base system from the host system 

3. Boot setup

4. Booting/running the Hurd

5. Native-install/post-install

ad 1.

 - Dom0 setup for Xen
 - qemu installation
 - qemu grub disk image download/installation
 - nothing in case of native booting

ad 2.

 - K* CD
 - crosshurd from either GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd
 - base tarball extraction
 - debootstrap from either GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd
 - nothing (in case of using the qemu image)

ad 3.

 - Grub setup for native booting
 - Grub setup for qemu booting without a Grub boot image
 - Xen hurd modules/gnumach-xen installation
 - nothing (in case of Qemu with Grub boot image)

ad 4.

 - Qemu 
 - Xen
 - nothing (in case of native booting)

ad 5.

 - native-install
 - nothing (in case of Qemu image) 
 - nothing (in case of debootstrap)

is that about right?  Maybe 1, 3 and 4 can be dealt with together for
Xen/Qemu/native.  Once we settled on the above, somebody could flesh
everything out using the existing documentation, maybe using a temporary
or new area in the wiki.


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