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Re: [elinks-dev] The Links/Links2/ELinks browsers are unusable on Debian GNU/Hurd

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon@iki.fi> writes:

> Until you have a proper fix, you might also patch ELinks to work
> around the bug.

FYI, last night's elinks-0.12 snapshot (elinks-0.12-20080909)
includes a similar patch.  (This has not yet been merged to
ELinks 0.13.GIT.)  The source also no longer makes assumptions on
the range of errno values like 0.11.4 does.  So I think the lack
of /dev/random is now the only Hurd-specific problem hindering
the use of ELinks.  If you configure GnuTLS to use some
user-space entropy source, and configure ELinks to use GnuTLS,
then everything should work fine.

The Debian experimental elinks package seems stuck at
0.12~20080527-2 though?  I guess you can't have a newer version
specifically for the Hurd.

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