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Fwd: tcsh-6.15.02 is now available

Just FYI, change [23] is the one I know was preventing tcsh to compile
correctly under hurd...


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From: Christos Zoulas <christos@zoulas.com>
Date: Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 2:01 AM
Subject: tcsh-6.15.02 is now available
To: tcsh@mx.gw.com


I am planning to make this 6.16 if there are no regressions in a week or two.



Changes from 6.15.01:

 28. V6.15.02 - 20080830
 27. Fix an eval free'ing botch (Per Hederland)
 26. /bin/echo "`" coredumped because stderror() calls longjmp corrupting
    the stack (Mark Davies). We should vet the code for all stderror()
    calls that cleanup local stack variables.
 25. foo > ${undef} caused coredumps because of vfork() child corrupting
    the state of the parent stack.
 24. $x[A-B] did not complain for A out of range. (Cai Xianchao)
 23. rename setp -> tcsh_setp to avoid conflict with mach (Javier Vasquez)
 22. Fix degree handling by defining __XPG4_CHAR_CLASS__ for solaris
    (Mike Sullivan)
 21. Change 'od' to 'od -c' in tests so that they work on big endian machines.
    (Martin Kraemer)
 20. Add environment variable COMMAND_LINE to be available in completions
    (Marcin Konarski)

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