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Architecture status on ftp-master.debian.org


with the Lenny release upcoming we are thinking about larger changes to
the Debian archive, of which one point is "Clean up the supported
architecture list to free up space for new ones".

We had a few discussions during DebConf8 and came up with the following

 - If an architecture fails to be included in 2 successive official
   releases, it is moved out of the official archive (and away from the
   ftp-master.debian.org host).

 - If a removed architecture later can prove it will be able to make the
   next official release, it can be re-included into the official
   archive. This step additionally needs the acceptance of the Security,
   the Release and the Debian Admin Team.

As both of your architectures are affected by the first rule (m68k
missed etch and will miss lenny, hurd never had a release), it is time
for us to think about the best possible way for you to move elsewhere,
like debian-ports.org. We (as in ftpteam) are happy to help in any
possible way in this move, like providing all neccessary files to import
a currently existing suite in your archive (think of .changes files).

bye, Joerg
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