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Re: Help regarding generating patches.

Madhusudan C.S, le Sun 25 May 2008 10:43:18 +0530, a écrit :
> Hi all,
>           I wanted to port parted to GNU/Hurd. I did apt-get source parted.
> Made 3-4 changes a couple of weeks ago. I also built the binary .debs using
> dpkg-buildpackage. But I forgot to make the debian/changelog entries for the
> changes. Now I have forgotten the changes I made. I want to do these changes
> and also want to generate the patch files so it will be easy to patch the
> files. The .deb binaries are avaiable at http://madhusudancs.info/
> parted-hurdi386. Can you please help me generating the patch.

Rename your parted-1.7.1-5.1 into parted-1.7.1-5.1.orig, remove the
existing .diff.gz and .dsc (since they may have been regenerated with
your modifications), apt-get source parted again, and then you can just

diff -urp parted-1.7.1-5.1.orig parted-1.7.1-5.1


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