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Re: System restarts on Boot


On Tue, Dec 25, 2007 at 11:10:04PM +0530, Ashish Gokhale wrote:
>> I have downloaded the latest debain-hurd -tar.gz and extracted to
>> different partition, setup Grub as directed. The system is restarting
>> on boot. 

>Does it instantly restart after the kernel is selected in grub, or do
>you see several lines/screenfuls of kernel messages first?  Does Grub
>find the kernel and modules?
Grub does fiind the kernel & modules. I see some messages, but system reboots before I am able clearly makeout the last lines. 

>> Is there any option to log the boot messages? 
Is there any debug support in gnumach? I think bootlog is what I can start building ;-)

> I fear not, unless you have booting via serial console setup in Grub,

>> could it be due to wrong device= setting? I have installed hurd on
>> Secondary Slave (hdd4) partition as per linux. So I think
>> root=device:hd3s4 is correct. 

> Do you have a modern SATA adapter?  Those aren't supported by Mach, you
> need to operate them in legacy mode.
No SATA on this machine. 

- Ashish

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