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Re: The Links/Links2/ELinks browsers are unusable on Debian GNU/Hurd

Le Thu, 13 Dec 2007 21:34:35 +0100, Fabienne Ducroquet
<fabiduc@gmail.com> a écrit :
> [  CC'ed to
> elinks-dev@linuxfromscratch.org
messages from non-suscribers need are moderated

> and links-list@linuxfromscratch.org ]
... which rejects automatically all messages from non-suscribers.

> All the keys hit while the program was running are interpreted by the
> shell after I killed the program.

    That means that the commands are not received by the program, the file
dev-intro.txt provided with ELinks states:

	The `select()` loop

	At the heart of ELinks is the `select()` loop which is entered
	after all module have been initialised. It runs until ELinks is
	shutdown.  The `select()` loop handles detecting status changes
	to registered file descriptors, and calls the registered
	handlers. It is part of the lowest layer in shown in the figure,
	and is defined in `src/main/select.h`.  It provides two

	set_handlers(file-descriptor, read-handler, write-handler,
	             error-handler, data)::

	This function registers the read, write and error
	handlers for the given file descriptor. The handlers
	will be called with data as the only argument if the
	status of the file descriptor changes. Any of the passed
	handlers maybe be `NULL` if no handling is required for
	the specific status change.


	Unregister all handlers for the given file descriptor.

    Maybe there is something which does not work in the set_handlers
function then?  My programming skills are too low to know if it is that.
elinks -remote does not work either: elinks -remote ping() returns 0,
elinks -remote openURL(some_URL) returns 0 but does nothing that I can
see, according to the log of outgoing requests there is no request to
access to the given URL, so the command is probably lost I don't know


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