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orbit2<->gconf2 broken, resulting in buildd hangs


since orbit2-2.14 using gconf2 over orbit with tcp/ip (i.e. setting
ORBIIOPIPv4=1 in either ~/.orbitrc or /etc/orbitrc) does not work
anymore.  Running the orbit2 test suite only exposes problems with the
socket transport, not tcp/ip, but gconfd-2 doesn't start.

I noticed this recently when building Gnome-2.20 packages, as soon as a
Gnome library wants to set a gconf key in their maintainer scripts, the
installation hangs.  It is not quite clear to me why this has started to
happen only recently, maybe earlier Gnome releases did not set gconf
keys in the scripts.

Downgrading orbit2 libraries to 2.12 makes at least the tcp/ip transport
work again, but Gnome libraries have 2.14 as Build-Depends, so this is
no solution.

I hope somebody can figure out what the problem with orbit2 is
(preferably fixing the socket transport, as the tcp/ip transport is just
a work-around), because this will likely make the buildd hang every
couple of hours at least.


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