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Re: LX1 installer and Debian GNU/Hurd

2007/8/21, Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org>:
> (please forward this mail to appropriate people if I did not reach
> them already)
> Hi,
> this purpose of this mail is to start a discussion on how to integrate
> the new L* series of the Debian GNU/Hurd installer with the general
> Debian GNU/Hurd port.
> I tried the LX1 image a while ago with qemu and was successfully able to
> install it.  Two general things I noticed:
>  * The paritioning/formatting could do with some more checks, one user
>    reported he accidently had his GNU/Linux /home partition formatted.

Kiran has already integrated cfdisk instead of fdisk I think. He is
working on the checks.
>  * The installation results in a /usr symlink.  Debian GNU/Hurd should
>    have a real /usr directory, rather.
> Now, the question is how to proceed from here.  It seems there is one
> LX1 miniISO being distributed via rapidshare and mirrored at some lesser
> known locations.

See http://projecthurd.googlepages.com/

> Is this the final LX1 miniISO, or some testing/beta
> release?  Is there a full CD set available?  I believe parts of the
> screen messages say this installer would install X, while the miniISO
> does not contain X packages.

It uses K14 CD sets to install X.  AFAIK there isn't a full cd set. It
would be nice to have.
> Where should these ISO images be hosted?  So far, the primary location
> for the K* series was on ftp.gnuab.org, is it OK to have the L* series
> hosted there as well?

I think it would be OK.
> Where should the source code of the L installer be hosted?

It is a single shell script and it it available from

> I think it
> could be put onto alioth as part of the debian-hurd project (and maybe
> the crosshurd code should be put there as well), do you agree?  I think
> the source code should include native-install and how to assemble the
> base tarball (if you used any code for it, how did you assemble it?) and
> how to master the ISO, do you use any scripts for that?

I think it would be better to focus on d-i with cross debootstrap and
Kiran has already looking into the d-i code. For the time being may
be, we could complete the CD set.

> regards,
> Michael

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