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Porter help needed to build latest upstream PAM

Hi folks,

The latest upstream PAM release has been packaged and uploaded to
experimental.  Packaging this for Debian involved extensive manual
patch re-diffing due to the large number of upstream changes.  As a
result, some of the Hurd patches have been dropped completely--I
didn't know if they still applied or needed some work, so I judged it
best to leave well alone and let someone who knew what they were doing
take a look.

All the patches are in debian/patches, with the old patches in
debian/patches-applied and debian/to-be-evaluated.  If someone with
Hurd expertise could get PAM building again on Hurd, that would be
great.  The changes made are all in the changelog, plus some rationale
for why things were changed.

Note that you need to manually call dpatch due to some patches
requiring autotools bootstrapping.  You can call

  debian/rules (patch|unpatch|bootstrap)

to apply all the patches, unapply and boostrap the autotools,

The same considerations may also apply to the FreeBSD ports.  It might
just build, but it might need some tweaking.


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