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runit for Debian GNU/Hurd

[CCed to <supervision@list.skarnet.org> purely for your information.]


Michael, could you please do the following: apply the following patch to
the `runit' source package, run a Hurd package with the fifo patch I just
posted to bug-hurd
(<http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-hurd/2007-08/msg00002.html>; or
ask me to simply provide you with a fixed `/hurd/fifo' binary), build the
`runit' package and upload to GNUAB.

So far I don't really have an idea what is going wrong here, but I shall
describe what is supposed to happen:

`current' contains some data lines.  ``t2'' is written into `config'.
``foo'' is piped into the `svlogd' program.  The `svlogd' program will be
left running for three seconds.  During this three seconds the following
is supposed to happen inside the `svlogd' program: ``foo'' is appended to
`current'; two seconds after the last modification of `current' (remind
the ``t2'' configuration string in `config') the file `current' is
supposed to be rotated away and afterwards be empty.  What does happen on
a Hurd system is that apparently three seconds are not enough to do this
job (which I can't really believe...) or that something goes wrong when
`svlogd' is reading the last-modified time stamp of `current'.
Nevertheless, enlarging the time interval to five seconds is enough to
make it work as expected...

--- admin/runit-1.7.2/src/svlogd.check~	2007-08-02 00:16:35.910000000 +0200
+++ admin/runit-1.7.2/src/svlogd.check	2007-08-02 00:16:35.920000000 +0200
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
 cat "${ctmp}"/current
 echo t2 >"${ctmp}"/config
-( echo foo; sleep 3 ) |svlogd "${ctmp}"
+( echo foo; sleep 5 ) |svlogd "${ctmp}"
 echo $?
 cat "${ctmp}"/current

For being able to apply the patch, you first have to unpack the included
tarball.  This is most easily done by simply starting to build the
package, wait until the test suite fails (perhaps it'll also simply work
for you?  ;-), then apply the patch and resume the build.


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