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New gnumach, hurd, glibc packages ready for testing


I've compiled current gnumach and hurd packages from CVS, plus the
latest Debian glibc-2.5 package.

I want to upload those ASAP (as glibc-2.6 will probably be uploaded
soon, and won't work for us for the time being), so please test them.

The two major changes are (i) the ioperms changes in gnumach, the Hurd
console still works for me but X.org is likely broken for now (if it is
installable at all right now) and I think pciutils might need a new fix
as well. The (ii) change is regarding linking libpthread - we changed
glibc to honor strong aliases for dynamic linking as well (contrary to
upstream behaviour) and made some of the libpthread symbols strong which
will prevent libX11's pthread stubs to be used instead of libpthread's
methods when linking occurs in the wrong order.

If nobody reports any serious breakage, I'll upload the packages at the
end of the weekend or on Monday.

The packages are here:
deb http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/hurd-hurd/ ./

Run "apt-get update && apt-get install hurd" to drag in the others as
well, we did not make sure apt-get install gnumach also installs hurd,



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