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[debian-hurd-Patches][303272] libgc-6.6

Patches item #303272, was opened at 23/03/2006 22:45
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Barry deFreese (bddebian-guest)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: libgc-6.6 
Category: build-env
Group: unreviewed
Resolution: None

Initial Comment:
Author: Barry deFreese <bddebian@bddebian.com>
Source: libgc
Status: unreviewd
Categories: build-env (missing hurd-i386 arch)
Strip-Level: -p1

Here is a patch for building libgc-6.6 with thread support. Obviously due to configure.in changes, you need to run autoreconf.

The patch isn't quite complete.  I get it to build but it fails the make-CHECKTESTS tests.  I have tried it with both HEURISTICS2 and HEURISTICS1 and they both fail, though with different results.

If someone smarter than me could fix this, I would be grateful.


Barry (aka bddebian)


>Comment By: Samuel Thibault (sthibaul-guest)
Date: 31/05/2007 00:13

1:6.6-2 compiled fine, 1:6.8-1 doesn't compile any more, see buildd errors


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