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Hurd won't boot

Hello all

I've just installed GNU/HURD with crosshurd. However, it seems I cannot
boot into it; no matter whether I follow the instructions at
hurd-install or those of the ``Easy Guide to Installing Hurd on a Linux
Box'' [EGIHLB] or those of the ``Hurd Installation Guide'', after
hitting ``boot'' at the grub prompt, grub just hangs. (When loading the
kernel only, without the modules, the computer just reboots... I don't
know if this means anything).

All three of the cited manuals above recommend loading different modules
with different arguments. Therefore I am a bit confused as to which
modules I actually have to load. The [EGIHLB] in particular mentions
only a single module, serverboot, which is said to load all the
necessary modules. I cannot find it in my installation, though. Maybe
GNU/HURD won't boot because I don't load the correct modules and/or
provide the correct arguments?

I've read somewhere that shared IRQs could cause the boot to fail, and
that I should check /proc/interrupts. I looked at /proc/interrupts, but
I can't honestly say that its content meant much to me. There were,
however, two entries on a single line; something to do with USB and
Firewire, if I recall correctly. Could this be the reason why GNU/HURD
fails to boot?

Thanks very much for your help
fn:Damian  Birchler
org:R-Film GmbH
adr:;;Raeffelstrasse 11;Zurich;Zurich;8045;Switzerland

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