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glibc 2.5 on GNU/Hurd with GCC 4.1: `EXC_BAD_ACCESS' in glibc nss code


I built Debian glibc 2.5-4 on GNU/Hurd using GCC 4.1 instead of 4.0,
having applied a few patches I crafted already some time ago.  It
basically works.  :-)

However, if I try to log in on the console (`ssh'ing in works just fine)
it fails with ``login: Authentication failure: (ipc/mig) server died'',
and that's due to a `EXC_BAD_ACCESS' in the spawned `/hurd/password'

$ sudo gdb /hurd/password 328
Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.
[Switching to thread 328.3]
0x011408f0 in _nss_files_parse_grent () from /lib/libc.so.0.3
(gdb) bt           
#0  0x011408f0 in _nss_files_parse_grent () from /lib/libc.so.0.3
#1  0x0002983a in _nss_compat_initgroups_dyn () from /lib/libnss_compat.so.2
#2  0x0113f501 in internal_getgrouplist () from /lib/libc.so.0.3
#3  0x0113f799 in getgrouplist () from /lib/libc.so.0.3
#4  0x01055e60 in idvec_merge_implied_gids (gids=0x128bd00, uids=0x128bcf4)
    at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/libshouldbeinlibc/idvec-impgids.c:62
#5  0x01056d66 in ugids_add_user (ugids=0x128bd64, uid=500, avail=1)
    at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/libshouldbeinlibc/ugids.c:70
#6  0x0804998d in S_password_check_user (server=28, user=500, pw=0x128df74 "was", port=0x128bf64, port_type=0x128be60)
    at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/trans/password.c:158
#7  0x080493a7 in _Xpassword_check_user (InHeadP=0x128df50, OutHeadP=0x128bf40) at passwordServer.c:123
#8  0x08049014 in password_server (InHeadP=0x128df50, OutHeadP=0x1280000) at passwordServer.c:270
#9  0x080498be in password_demuxer (inp=0x128df50, outp=0x128bf40)
    at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/trans/password.c:60
#10 0x01036dfd in internal_demuxer (inp=0x128df50, outheadp=0x128bf40)
    at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/libports/manage-multithread.c:119
#11 0x010a2c3a in mach_msg_server_timeout () from /lib/libc.so.0.3
#12 0x01036b84 in thread_function.7379 () at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/libports/manage-multithread.c:170
#13 0x0103092d in cthread_body (self=0x804b288) at /var/tmp/hurd-io+stat+fatfs/hurd-20060825/build-tree/hurd/libthreads/cthreads.c:306
#14 0x00000000 in ?? ()

Do the glibc people have an offhand idea what might be going on in the
nss code?


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