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Re: Bug: libc0.3 does not configure on amd64

Samuel Thibault wrote:

Constantine Kousoulos, le Tue 06 Mar 2007 23:07:24 +0200, a ιcrit :
I think this is a packaging bug.

I really don't think so. You have a bunch of programs that just return
"Killed", which most probably means that there are kernel issues.

I will tell you what leads me to believe that libc might have a packaging issue. If i manually enter a command that returns "Killed" (like #/bin/settrans -c /servers/socket/2 /hurd/pfinet), then the whole system hangs and i can do nothing more than reboot the system. This must be a kernel issue. But when i enter

#/bin/dpkg --force-depends --configure libc0.3

i just get an error message that libc failed to configure and the system continues to operate normally.

Maybe that means nothing, but it seems like an indication that this issue is not as critical as a kernel issue. Another thing that enhances this point of view is that, when i enter the proper arguements, the very command that makes libc configuration fail, it executes without error (see my previous mail). This is why i wonder if somewhere along the way there has been a packaging error.

Who maintains the debian libc0.3 package for the Hurd?


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