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Bug#413185: When the files are downloaded with apt-get install, the system reboots occasionally.

On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 11:48:37PM +0900, YAMAMOTO, Hiroyuki wrote:
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> >Ah, yes, the report is older than that, but let's see if fixing #396741
> >fixes yours.
> I compiled today's CVS version with --enable-kdb, and succeeded in the 
> reproduction of the phenomenon.

> db>trace
> 0x10d577(2edabc,10379000,2eecc4,173b99,ff007b8)

Can you run "addr2line -f -e <your gnumach kernel file> 0x10d577 and
post the output?  Or confirm/deny that it is the same as #396741:

| buildd@beethoven:/boot$ addr2line -f -e gnumach-dbg 101cd7
| ipc_kmsg_enqueue
| ../ipc/ipc_kmsg.c:83

> 0x133dae(ff007b8,10379000,588,1,1080)
> 0x173b99(572c8,4,2eecf4,202,2b7480)
> 0x1b4b18(562c0,0,9,2eed3c,2eed8c)
> 0x1b557b(9,2b7480,2eed64,11f6f4,fef5ca0)
> 0x15a3b0(9)
> 0x1377f5(2edabc,1036e000,11a86ee0,1738bb,ff007b8)
> 0x133dae(ff007b8,1036e000,38,1,0,11a86f24,1036e070,da,1036e010,ff43274,2b7480,562c0,1036e000,12,103c7960)
> 0x1738bb(ff007b4,103c7960,12,8,0)
> 0x140884(1039e9e4,103d1010,0,8000000a,ff43274)
> 0x11a974(1039e9d4,103b60f4,103b5844,0,0)
> 0x14bc13(125fd04,3,38,28,2c)
> Bad frame pointer: 0x125fce0
It would be nice if you could run addr2line on the first few (0x133dae,
0x173b99, 0x1b4b18, 0x1b557b, 0x15a3b0 maybe) of those as well.



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