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Re: Bug#413177: The mouse pointer moves awkwardly on X on Hurd.

reassign 413326 hurd


YAMAMOTO, Hiroyuki, le Sun 04 Mar 2007 21:54:47 +0900, a écrit :
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> >YAMAMOTO, Hiroyuki, le Sun 04 Mar 2007 14:22:14 +0900, a écrit :
> >  
> >>olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net wrote:
> >>    
> >>>I also get some other X oddities with the new gnumach package:
> >>>WindowMaker segfaults on startup. And if the session fails to come up
> >>>(because of an unrelated problem in my strange environment), instead of
> >>>the X server just restarting once and sitting there as it normally does,
> >>>it goes into a loop restarting again and again; also, monitor timings
> >>>are wrong after restart(s).
> >>>
> >>>      
> >>Although mouse's problem was certainly solved, it was confirmed that X 
> >>without WM restarted again after the logout.
> >>    
> >
> >I can't reproduce that.  I'm not sure to understand what you mean. How
> >do you start X and the WM exactly
> I start X (IceWM as the window manager) by the startx command.
> It is only described as `exec icewm' in the ~/.xinit file.
> X starts with the window manager normally when the startx command is 
> first executed.
> Then, if the window manager's logout button is clicked to end X, though 
> X seems to end once,
> X colored gray (like the source) without the window manager again starts 
> soon.
> Finally, X can be ended only by pushing Ctrl+Alt+backspace.

Aaah, yes, now I remember. The error is:

xinit:  Operation not permitted (errno blah):  Can't kill X server.

IIRC that's completely unrelated to gnumach but to hurd or glibc, and
this was already discussed some months ago. I thought this was fixed,
I'll have a look.


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