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Bug#413185: When the files are downloaded with apt-get install, the system reboots occasionally.

Samuel Thibault wrote:
For this bug and the mouse one, could you try compiling from
upstream repository to see whether it fails too?

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.gnu.org:/cvsroot/hurd co -r gnumach-1-branch gnumach

In case it fails too, could you try checking out older CVS revisions, so
as to find which commit brought the bug? (there are not so many so that
shouldn't be so long)

I compiled the upsteam CVS source with gcc-4.0, installed it, and verified the phenomenon. As a result, I have understood happening similarly as for the source of the upstream.
I will start the work to find which commit brought the bug.

Michael Banck wrote:
Can you install the corresponding version of gnumach-dbg, and change
your Grub entry to boot that? If you catch the Mach bug the next time,
it should drop you to the kernel debugger; please tell us the address of
eip for further information

Originally because it is a phenomenon that happens to occasionally,
though I will have deliberately verified, the phenomenon has not occured
after the packages of gnumach (Version: 2:1.3.99.dfsg.cvs20070211-1)
and gnumach-dbg (Version: 2:1.3.99.dfsg.cvs20070211-1) installed.
Sorry. Please give time a little more.


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