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Bug#413185: When the files are downloaded with apt-get install, the system reboots occasionally.


Samuel Thibault wrote:
BTW, what is +b1 at the end of your version? debian doesn't provide such

Yes, it is the one officially provided as debian-K14-hurd-i386-CD1.iso.
It is possible to download it on the following WEB site:

For this bug and the mouse one, could you try compiling from
upstream repository to see whether it fails too?

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.gnu.org:/cvsroot/hurd co -r gnumach-1-branch gnumach

In case it fails too, could you try checking out older CVS revisions, so
as to find which commit brought the bug? (there are not so many so that
shouldn't be so long)

In case upstream doesn't fail, could you try dropping debian patches
until you find which one is culprit? (the main suspect would be

If I can do, I do anything.
OK, I will try it out, so may I have while it is a few?


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