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Re: http://debian.org/ports/hurd/


On Sun, 2007-02-04 at 20:03:09 +0100, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> Who is maintaining <http://debian.org/ports/hurd/> or at least has write
> access there?

I suppose that could be me.

> #v+
> [...]
> 19:53 <tschwinge> nowhere_man: Either that or see here: http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Distrib/DebianAfterInstall
> 19:54 <nowhere_man> great, I was looking for such a document
> 19:55 <tschwinge> nowhere_man: May I ask where you have been looking for it, so that we could link it from there?
> 19:55 <nowhere_man> the installation doc on debian.org
> 19:55 <nowhere_man> the main page of the Hurd wiki also
> 19:57 <tschwinge> Thanks.  I'll see if we can add a link to the Debian pages.
> #v-

> Also, <http://debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-install> suggests to have a
> ``deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian unstable main'' line in
> `/etc/apt/sources.list', but that server is reported to only provide the
> `i386' and `amd64' architectures, but not the `hurd-i386' one, so that
> should also be changed.

I've fixed the mirror section and the one referring to XFree86. It may
need some review, and I'd have to merge the missing stuff from the
wiki, will try to do that eventually. ;)


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