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Autobuilder update


some days ago, we crossed the "50% packages uptodate" barrier, i.e.
more than every second Debian source package is now available in its
latest revision for Debian GNU/Hurd.  This is an important value as it
has been set as limit by the Debian ftp-masters for a port to enter/stay
in unstable.  The current uptodate value is 52.7%.

Yesterday, the autobuilder has finished building the last outstanding
packages and is now mostly idle (except when somebody uploads a package
which built fine before).  Thanks to Samuel Thibault for valuable input
on which packages should get requeued in the last days.

This means we are now able to research in detail which issues are
responsible for how many package build failures, and which as-of-yet
unported packages are responsible for blocking how many other packages
due to being a Build-Dependency for them.

The latter has been very nicely visualized by Samuel Thibault here:

To view the status of a package, you can query the form at
http://unstable.buildd.net/index-hurd-i386.html It will either show the
reason it failed, which package it waits on to get built, or that it is
installed in the archive.

An overview of all (currently 1269) build failure reasons can be found
here: http://unstable.buildd.net/index-hurd-i386.html

I will make an analysis on this data in the next days to give us some
more information on what failures we most frequently run into.

In the end, I would like to thank all the porters who made it possible
to cross the 50% barrier, most notably Samuel Thibault, Cyril Brulebois,
Barry deFreese and Petr Salinger (through his awesome work on GNU/k*BSD,
which frequently helps us as well).



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