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Re: compiling hurd with -m{arch/tune}=pentium4


On Fri, Dec 29, 2006 at 12:03:32PM -0500, Stephen Liebbe wrote:

> I have compiled on a default Debian/Hurd system gnumach with
> -march=pentium4 , everything works well.
> I am using apt-build to compile hurd with same options. Everything
> works so far except for the /usr/bin/console executable. If
> -mtune=pentium4 is used, it becomes unstable and will freeze up
> randomly. If -march=pentium4 is used, it reliably freezes when
> executed, after grabbing keyboard and display but before anything is
> displayed.

Sounds like a race condition, i.e. a bug somewhere in the code. With
-march-pentium4, probably a slightly different execution path is used,
causing different timing, which is enough to "reliably" trigger the race

Probably hard to debug, but would be very beneficial if the bug could be

> Is apt-build OK to use with Hurd?

Should work I'd say.

> Does tune/arch require that supporting libraries, etc be similarly
> compiled? Similar to a cross-compile?

No. Well, minus possible compiler bugs ;-)


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