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Bug#396741: gnumach: General protection trap on network load

Package: gnumach
Version: 20060826.dfsg.1-1
Severity: important

On high network traffic (usually when apt-getting some packages,
uploading things seems to trigger this much less likely), I get
sometimes get a Mach panic and subsequent reboot.

If I trap the panic with gnumach-dbg, I get (transcribed, so maybe
slightly inaccurate):

kernel General Protection tryp, eip 0x101cd7
kernel: General protection (13), code=0
Stopped at 0x101cd7: movl %exc, 0(%eax)
db> trace
>>>>> Divide error (0) at 0 <<<<<
db> show registers
cs		0x8
ds		0x10
es		0x10
fs		0x1f
gs		0x10
ss		0x10
eax	  	0xffffff10
ecx	  	0x104af000
edx	  	0x104af000
esp	  	0x2efae4
ebp	  	0x2efae4
esi		0x1
edi	  	0x104af650
eip	  	0x101cd7
efl	  	0x10206

If I run addr2line on the gnumach kernel, I get:

buildd@beethoven:/boot$ addr2line -f -e gnumach-dbg 101cd7

This happened both on my HP Omnibook 6000 notebook with a Prism2 PCMCIA
WLAN as NIC, and on the buildd with an Intel PCI EtherExpress Pro100.

This currently makes the buildd reboot/hang every couple of hours.  I
had one person apparently being able to reproduce this with vmware:

18:07 < gijzelaar> currently I use vmware, but I had the same problems
	on a real machine
18:16 < gijzelaar> yessssssssss crash
18:16 < gijzelaar> Stopped at 0x101cd7

but nobody else seems to suffer from this yet.  If you can reproduce
this, please follow-up to this bug report.

If anybody can tell me what else I could do to track this down, I'd be
happy to do that.


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