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Re: Grub2 menu entry

On 10/6/06, Luca Capello <luca@pca.it> wrote:

On Thu, 05 Oct 2006 21:43:32 +0200, Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas wrote:
> I read "http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=390473";,
> however I got a question on how the entry should be written then.
> Is it like the following?
> Enclosing under '*', both ${*} and $(*), or is it some other way?  I
> ask because the discussion was followed on freenode, and not on the
> bug report...

Yes, should enclose all both ${*} and $(*) under single quotes.

Thank you for having pointed out that the solution proposed on the bug
wasn't clear, I updated it :-)

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

I tried the menu entry included in the bug, and it didn't work for me.
Then I tried several combinations for embedding chars inside single
quotes, and nothing worked for me.  I reverted to legacy grub, since
my grub2 trial didn't work.  Can you confirm the menu entry?

Good to know you got it working though, :).



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