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Re: problems installing grub

On Sat, Oct 07, 2006 at 11:26:07AM +0100, mike wrote:
> I have just installed Hurd from the CD, and it seems to be working ok, 
> however when i try to install Grub using the command grub-install 
> /dev/hd0 i get the error /dev/hd0: not found or not a block device, and 
> sure enough when i look at /dev/ there is only an instance for hd0s1 and 
> nothing for hd0.

Try cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV hd0

but AFAIK, Grub will have problems installing itself in hd0, I don't
remember exactly why and maybe it works fine now. Anyway, you'd better
install a Debian GNU/Linux besides your Hurd installation, just in
case ;-).

Richard Braun

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