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Re: Real partition under QEMU

Luca Capello, le Sun 01 Oct 2006 11:48:58 +0200, a écrit :
> Well, here what appears on the grub console (grub-0.95 or grub-0.97):
> grub> root (hd0)
>  Filesystem type unknown, using whole disk

Ok. So you need a partition table indeed (and give (hd0,0) as root to
grub). Please also give root=device:hd0s1 as parameter to gnumach...

> > If it really wants a table partition, then you can fdisk /dev/hda10
> > and create a partition starting at 1 and ending at the number of
> > cylinders of partition hda10. Beware of correctly setting the
> > geometry the same as hda in terms of heads and sectors.
> The question is: will be this partition available when I'll boot
> outside QEMU (i.e., on the "real" laptop)?

No, because this partition table will live within hda10 only.

> Moreover, doesn't creating such a partition destroy all the data
> already present?

Creating a partition table at the beginning of a table never destroys
data, because filesystems like ext2 reserve the beginning of the
partition just for this.

Something that might be important too: in expert mode in fdisk, your
partition should look like

Nr AF  Hd Sec  Cyl  Hd Sec  Cyl     Start      Size ID
 1 00   0   1    0 254  63  242          0    3919792 83

Note that Hd is 0, not 1. You may need to type your partition geometry
by hand.


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