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Update GNU Mach packages along with your Hurd package


the latest gnumach and hurd package uploads brought the Debian packages
up to current CVS.

That means that gnumach now includes the work towards Berkely Packet
Filter support by Richard Braun and Manuel Menal, and you need a proper
pfinet compiled against it in order to have things working.

Unfortunately, due to the hurd package being essential, it was not
possible to find out a set of Conflicts/Depends that would always assure
both gnumach and hurd packages to be updated together to this version.
If you run `apt-get upgrade' or `apt-get install hurd', you should be
fine, but `apt-get install gnumach' might give you an incompatible
gnumach package.


please make sure that you have the latest gnumach running if you are
using the current hurd package.

Also, no Dependencies were introduced for gnumach-dbg, you also need to
update this manually.

Please report problems with the new versions.



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