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Re: xpdf-reader: missing build on hurd-i386

Hamish, I happened to notice that xpdf-reader is on the RC bug list
(#369117) because it lacks a build of the current version on hurd-i386
(this happend during a mini-bsp on Saturday). I proceeded to ask the
debian-hurd list if they could try building it. Below is the result; I
felt it prudent to include you in the discussion at this point, I hope
that's OK (maybe I should have Cc'd you originally, even).

la, 2006-08-12 kello 21:37 +0200, cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr
> Hi back,
> there's a problem during the build, multiple occurrences of:
> "undefined reference to `pthread_mutex_unlock'" [1]
>   1. http://paste.debian.net/10702 or log available on demand.
> A solution is to:
> +LDFLAGS =  -lpthread
> in xpdf/Makefile, that makes the `make' step succeed.
> I'm not sure whether one should conditionally add
> `-lpthread' in `LDFLAGS = @LDFLAGS@' when we've got
> $(DEB_HOST_ARCH) equal to  `hurd-i386' or whether
> that's a bug in a macro or something like that.
> Besides that, the build runs OK.

To me, conditionally adding the -lpthread sounds good, but I'm not
particularly knowledgeable about these things.

I've never seen anyone wear a Freudian slip.

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