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Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail

Thank you for e-mailing help@distributed.net!

Due to the increase in spam and virus emails, we no longer directly
forward your mail to the help desk.  If your question is not answered
below, please do one of the following to get a human response:

- visit http://www.distributed.net/sendmail.php?to=help
  and paste your message into the form displayed there.
- or re-send your mail to "help dash me at distributed dot net"

The questions answered below include:
- statistics problems
- getting a password for the stats
- email retirement
- bugreports
- client FAQ questions
- porting requests

Read the rest of this autoreply carefully!

If your question is related to a statistics problem, you may wish to
read the statistics FAQ at  http://faq.distributed.net/statsfaq.html

This goes especially for questions about:
- How long does it take until I get my password
- How do I get my password
- I'm switching email adresses, how to proceed.
- and many more stats-related questions.

To answer the most asked question: Your password is not mailed to you
automatically. After you have flushed some work to our servers, wait
at least 24 hours, go to:
and search for your email address via the search boxes on top of the
screen. This will result in your personal statistics page and on the
bottom of that page is a link that will mail you your password.

If you have a question about your keyrate, keep in mind that we are
also running the OGR projects in addition to RC5, so check what
contest your client is running before expecting an answer.

If you want to retire an email address that is no longer valid, and
you provided enough information (old email, new email, additional
information from which we can conclude you're indeed the owner of both
emails), we will contact you with the passwords soon.

If you have a bug report for any part of the system, first check out
bugzilla, at http://bugs.distributed.net/.  First search for your bug
and if it's not there, file one.  help@distributed.net is not the
proper place to report bugs.

If your question relates to the operation of distributed.net clients,
check out the client FAQs at http://faq.distributed.net/

If you have porting-related questions, such as: "Will there be support
for platform xx" or "I managed to get your public source working", be
sure to visit http://www.distributed.net/porting/ first, before
expecting an answer from our technical support reps.

For other general distributed.net questions you should also check out
our FAQ index at http://faq.distributed.net/ Again: Any questions
found in the FAQs will NOT be answered.

If you are in need of more urgent technical support, you may wish to
connect to irc.distributed.net and join the channel #distributed,
where you should be able to find someone who can help with your
problem. More information on distributed.net and IRCing in general is
available at http://www.distributed.net/discussion/#irc

Thanks for participating in distributed.net!

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