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manual pages suffixes


Please have a look at bug #358702: bdftopcf FTBFS because of confusion
on app_man manpages suffix, which is 1x on linux and 1 on other systems:
generated ./configure from autoconf says:

if test x$APP_MAN_SUFFIX = x    ; then
    case $host_os in
        linux*) APP_MAN_SUFFIX=1x ;;
        *)      APP_MAN_SUFFIX=1  ;;

The problem is then for debian/foo.install files: different ones would
be needed for all linux targets, kfreebsd targets, and hurd targets.

I really don't know the proper way to solve this. Should the Hurd use
1x suffixes too? Should we persuade linux to use just 1? (in both case
autoconf needs patched, and all ./configure files regenerated :( ).
Should we really provide all these .install files?


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