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My Product Wish List

Wanted:"B"grade inkjets 78 - 6625 - 23 - 57 - 1 to 5 jets not firing
5 - each Lex 55 and 65 printers for testing
500 to 700 pces. refurbished HP & Samsung laser Primers, with step down transformers going to country that is 220
Used and Broken Cell Phone, can have scratch's or broken window, not totally destroyed, we like them to have batteries and chargers but not necessary
1,000 each of the following virgin empties

HP 51626A

HP 51629A

HP 51633M

HP 51645A

HP C6615A

 Expired original HP C6658a color cartridges.I have 1,500pcs, make an offer

Please give me your location, Price and Quantity available

Vern Robertson, Pres.
The Cartridge Warehouse Ltd.

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