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Bug#351441: Package: gnumach - Debian GNU/HURD does not boot after apt-get update/upgrade]

Hi Peter,

Peter Kotrčka <peter.kotrcka@gmail.com> writes:
> i tried to do apt-get update and upgrade (3rd feb 2006), but after
> reboot it does not boot and stops after showing date and time. It
> upgraded gnumach and hurd package except others, so i think, this is
> the problem.

Quite the same happened to me as well a couple of days ago. However I
haven't found out what really causes the boot process to stop, however
it seems to be related to either fsysopts or fsck (ran from /libexec/rc)

Can you please tell, whether the system boots again, if you manually
fsck the root partition (either by booting gnumach in single user mode
or with e2fsck from Linux)?


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