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Re: K10 Torrents

I'm not sure, but I think trackerless torrents are *extensions* to the
bittorrent protocol, avoiding all client to participate to such share.

I recently discover Linuxtracker[1]. It is a free tracker. I recently
use it *freely* to share a live-CD iso.
I think they are agree that Hurd community use this tracker for sharing
Hurd isos: they recently add a "Hurd" category. Perhaps could you use
such service for the K11?

[1] http://linuxtracker.org/

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 15:56:43 +0000
V.Alex Brennen <codepoet@dublin.ie> wrote:

> I've made K10 Torrents which are now available from the Free
> Content p2p Network here:
> http://metanet.org/fcpn/torrents/
> These are trackerless torrents. I've allocated 40 Mbits of
> bandwidth for uploading, so hopefully it will be faster than
> gnuab even though there may not be many peers. Although, I'm
> not sure my Dell GX270 can only push out data that fast with
> Bittorrent.

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